Electrolux Appliance Service in Lake Arrowhead, CA


Electrolux is a electric home appliance manufacturer that is based in Stockholm in Sweden. The company supplies electric home appliances all around the world and is ranked second in terms of units sold world wide behind Whirlpool which is ranked at position one worldwide. The company ‘s success in terms of its units sales can be attributed to the fact that the company produces up to standard appliances that are relatively cheap compared to its competitors.

Electrolux Repair Services in Lake Arrowhead

What do you get to fo when an electric appliance like an oven or washing machine you just bought a few weeks ago for commercial or residential use breaks down with some minor difficulties. Do you run back to the electric appliances store to purchase another similar appliance, I don’t thinks so. What are your other options? This is where our company comes in at hand. We are a company that specializes in appliance repairs within Lake Arrowhead and its environs. Give us a call and let one of our brand certified technician have a diagnosis of the problem as well as provide the perfect solution. In the process you will save some money that may have been used to purchase a new product all together and also contribute to recycling by using your old appliance.

Some of the Electrolux equipments that we repair at our office workshop or on the spot include:

  • Washing machines
  • Ovens
  • Dryers
  • Microwaves
  • Freezers
  • Stoves

Dish washers

Why should you choose us?

1). Parts

As a Electrolux brand repair service provider we make sure that we make use of spare parts that are directly outsourced from the brand manufacturer. Every appliance will be rectified using spare parts recommended by the manufacturer. This will ensure that the specific electric appliance lasts longer and does not break down constantly for not being compatible with a given spare part. In the long run saves you some money.

2). Personnel

The technical personnel at our company are brand trained and certified, meaning that they have undergone top notch training by the various brands we repair. In this case our technicians have the right training from Electrolux to enable them to attend to your appliance with the required set of skills. They are very efficiently in the problem detection and offering of the right solutions tailored for your electric appliance.

3) Appointment

When you give us a call for an appliance repair service, we will always strive to make sure that we attend to your needs on the same day without fail. This separates us from our competitors within Lake Arrowhead. The next time your appliance breaks down without notice, contact us and we will be at the spot within no time at all.

4) Superior customer services

Our company boasts of widely recognized up yo standard services within and without Lake Arrowhead. Our repair services are custom delivered to ensure each and every appliance gets its specific diagnosis and repair. We boast of a 24 hour, seven day a week response to Electrolux appliance repair in Lake Arrowhead and its near environs. In addition, our market competitive prices are very attractive considering the world class services we provide yo our customers who always provide us with positive feedbacks.

5). Warranty Extension

As part of our after sale services we offer our esteemed customers with lengthy warrants so that in the event your Electrolux appliance breaks down within the stipulated warrant time, we will offer you with free repairs to save you on costs for a second repair

6). Established

Our company has been in operation for a long time therefore having the advantage of having been tried and tested. With this comes experience, having repeated some of the repairs over a long period of time, our technicians can be able to pinpoint some problems on your Electrolux appliances with ease.

The next time your Electrolux electric appliance breaks down over a minor problem do not gamble, give us a call and one of our standby technicians will be with you within no time to offer you with best possible solution to the problem. With us you ensure that our brand trained staff are able to apply their professional knowledge and experience gained over time to offer the right help.

Give us a call and let the professionals handle you.