Lake Arrowhead Commercial Kitchen

Commercial walk-in freezers and refrigerators play a significant role in most businesses especially in the restaurant industry and shopping centers as they store food safely for their consumers. Broken down financially the appliances protects inventory worth thousands of dollars on a daily basis making their functionality necessary for the smooth running of the
businesses. It is easy to assume that given the sheer size of walk-in freezers and the build of their operating systems they will always work at all times. However, just as unpredictable life is one day you have to wake up to the reality that no matter how good or expensive your machines were they too can break down.

Finding yourself in this scenario is not pleasant as the first thing you envision is all the food stored in the walk-in freezers going bad and losing out on your loyal customers. This could as well be the
scenario as temperature changes have severe impacts on the freshness and conditions of consumables. Businesses in Lake Arrowhead, CA and its surrounding areas no longer have to worry about these breakdowns as they have a the professional team of technicians specialized in commercial appliances repair to always reach out to.

Walk-in Freezer and Refrigerator Repair

Often walk-in freezers are large structures whose handling strictly requires factory trained technicians who are able to perform the highest standards possible for maintenance and repairs. It is by focusing on commercial appliances that Lake Arrowhead Commercial Kitchen has built a reputation for being a reliable team that can handle all walk-in freezer repair and maintenances with the greatest ease. By taking the gamble out in their operations, the team gives their clients assurance of manufacturer-approved services which protect the investments they made when purchasing the high-end commercial appliances.

Choosing Lake Arrowhead Commercial Kitchen for walk-in freezer repair has a number of benefits including;

  • Repair works and original parts replacements which are guaranteed to last for years
  • Peace of mind that the walk-in freezer will have a prolonged life
  • A comprehensive warranty on all service works
  • Instant fix of all issues right in the first time

Signs that a walk-in freezer Repair is due

Most individuals never realize when a walk-in freezer requires repairs until things get out of hand and the appliance stops working. It is therefore of importance that little changes are noted to avoid
pilling up of damages which raise the overall costs of repairing the machines. The major signs that you need a walk-in freezer repair include;

  • Bad odor is always a first signal that a freezer needs to be checked for any possible leaks before it becomes unbearable
  • A damaged door seal is also a cause of alarm as it can lead to air leaking out of the
    freezer which leads to energy losses and increased electricity bills
  • A faulty condenser and evaporator coil which can be judged by frost buildup on cooler shelves
  • A slippery or wet floor which is a sign of water leaks that can lead to greater damages over time
  • Power outage caused by either wiring problems or a control board that needs checking

Fast and Reliable Services

Lake Arrowhead Commercial Kitchen knows the level of urgency that you might require for a walk-in freezer repair as such has a developed a swift response system that allows for same day service deliveries. Customer is king and whenever a problem arises be it at the oddest hour of the night, during holidays or weekends the master technicians are ever ready to get to your location and carry out on-site repairs.

The team comes with an equipped company van that includes all the tools necessary to diagnose a condition and get the freezer back up and running without interrupting business schedules.

Other Services Offered

Beside walk-in freezer repair, Lake Arrowhead Commercial Kitchen are experts in handling the broadest categories of commercial appliances. The team has the skills to service and maintain all
classes of commercial kitchen equipment from food processors and ovens to heating appliances and air-conditioners.

Their expertise is not limited to repairs but includes installations and regular maintenances which is recommended for businesses that don’t want to continually experience unexpected breakdowns and hold their operations on the line. Commercial appliances are the lifeline several industries, and by giving them, the much-needed attention you can always be of confidence that your clients will be satisfied with your services. Lake Arrowhead Commercial Kitchen is the partner to rely on for any need that might arise on the running of an appliance.